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Making complicated insurance and risk management decisions can be challenging. As an accomplished leader, you require highly qualified specialists who understand your industry, prioritize your concerns, and develop innovative solutions that inspire confidence and lifelong trust.

Windermere provides sophisticated best practices advice with integrity, professionalism, and a profound awareness of the idiosyncrasies of the industries we serve. We are creative problem solvers, eschewing traditional limitations to develop proprietary processes and deliver exceptional client support.

We nurture long-lasting personal relationships with the national business leaders and accomplished individuals who comprise our ever-expanding group of valued clients.

Real Estate Practice

Maintaining an even keel between capital and risk goals

Our real estate advisory team has decades of experience in this dynamic sector. We develop comprehensive coverage programs, from ground-up development and construction to asset acquisitions and national portfolio programs. Our clients include major developers, owners, private equity, institutional investors, influential family businesses, and prestigious general contractors across the U.S.

Private Client Practice

Trusting that your family's treasures are safe

You can more fully appreciate the hard-earned luxuries that enhance your life when you know they are well-protected. We cover all your prized possessions—autos, homes, jewelry, watercraft, artwork, recreational vehicles, and more— in a personalized insurance plan developed by your dedicated advisor, who is sensitive to your particular interests and objectives.

Financial Institution Practice

Preparing for the shifting tides of the financial industry

The professionals leading the nation’s financial institutions manage constant turmoil and require timely, in-depth advice. Our extensive experience in this complex field, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art processing capabilities make us a valued resource for customized insurance solutions for this volatile sector.

Welcome aboard!

Our clients enjoy exceptional personal attention and responsiveness, the hallmark of a Windermere business relationship.

Our insurance professionals have specialized knowledge of your industry, listen carefully, identify your concerns, and provide critical recommendations and meaningful explanations.

Your advisors are always available and poised to alert you of changes impacting your coverage or emerging opportunities from which you may benefit.

Let us start a journey of trust built on our proven commitment to consistently outstanding service.

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