Companies of all sizes are potential targets of cybercriminals. Though news headlines are dominated by large corporate breaches that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, no business is immune to cyber threats. Companies can’t afford to take a reactive approach to cyber-attacks. The following recommendations can help your organization reduce the risk of cyber breaches, data loss, compromised confidentiality, and other critical issues.

  1. Develop a culture of security. Company leadership can foster a security-conscious workforce by taking the time to listen to staff members who notice anything unusual. When workers are on the lookout for anomalies, it’s much easier for organizations to identify attempts at security breaches before hackers can gain access.
  2. Train employees and remind them often of best security practices. Employees are a common cause of data breaches. Providing employees with security training can help them avoid falling victim to phishing scams and malware attacks. Companies should also remind employees about password security. Some examples of password best practices include never sharing passwords, using strong passwords, avoiding password reuse, and changing their passwords often.
  3. Test security defenses. Cyber hacking methods evolve often, and organizations can’t afford to assume their cybersecurity is sufficient. At a minimum, companies should run frequent, randomized virus scans and can also invest in breach and attack simulations, and penetration testing. Companies can also simulate a phishing scam to identify any employee who needs additional cybersecurity training.
  4. Update software regularly. Keeping software and operating systems up to date is crucial for cyber security. Software updates include the latest cybersecurity protections against new and ever-evolving cyber hacking methods. Server hardening, the process of decreasing security risk by eliminating potential attack vectors and reducing the system’s attack surface, is also a worthwhile and proactive cyber security exercise.
  5. Have a plan. Even the most secure companies can experience a data breach. Organizations need to have a plan detailing their initial response, how key personnel will manage the situation, and how to contain the damage.

Since every company is vulnerable to cyber breaches, business owners should consider a cyber insurance policy to protect their business from cyber liability. Developing a cybersecurity plan can feel daunting. The experts at Windermere Insurance Group can help protect you and your business from cyber threats. Contact us to discuss your cybersecurity needs.