Hurricanes often leave catastrophic damage in their wake, and many erroneously believe there is little they can do to protect their property against powerful storms. While hurricanes aren’t a preventable risk, homeowners can take precautions to limit the extent of the damage done to their homes.

  1. Board up windows. A broken window can lead to flooding or further damage from debris flung around by the storm. Thankfully, homeowners have several options to choose from to protect their windows against flying objects. These range from simple plywood boards to various types of hurricane shutters to storm panels. Homeowners can also opt to replace traditional windows with impact-resistant ones.
  2. Secure loose objects. Anything not secured to the ground can become an airborne projectile during a hurricane. Bring in patio furniture, toys, and lawn decorations well in advance of the storm.
  3. Take stock of belongings. Property losses can happen even with the best precautions. Homeowners can simplify and expedite insurance claims in the event of a loss by inventorying their belongings along with the relevant serial numbers. Several apps are available to guide homeowners through this process.
  4. Mitigate flood damage. Flood may seem inevitable during a hurricane, but sandbags can effectively prevent or limit the amount of flood water that enters a property. When properly filled and arranged, sandbags redirect moving water around the home instead of into it.
  5. Unplug or protect appliances from power surges. Appliances and other items plugged into outlets can become an electrocution hazard if a home floods. Homeowners can mitigate this risk by unplugging small appliances and electronics or shutting off their electricity during the storm. Cutting the power can also protect hardwired electronics against power surges. Homeowners can also invest in surge protectors if turning off the electricity isn’t a viable option.

Hurricane season spans from June through November of every year. Waiting until a hurricane is imminent to prepare can leave homeowners scrambling to buy plywood and sandbags. These items quickly sell out, and homeowners lose precious preparation time while waiting in line to make their purchase. Contact Windermere to learn more about hurricane preparedness and safety.