About Us

A Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Windermere Insurance Group. Being part of a family with three generations in the insurance brokerage business offers keen insight into a unique and wonderful, yet challenging industry. I formed Windermere Insurance Group with a single overriding goal that was quite simply to use my experience along with advice from family, outside advisors and respected peers in the industry to create the best possible insurance agency and brokerage operation that I possibly could. The basis of every decision we make is focused on how to deliver a superior product and service to our client. We built our operational platform from the ground up with state of the art technology and best practices processing capabilities. We seek and hire only the most motivated and capable insurance professionals. We established competitive results based compensation for our producers with an emphasis on earning and acquiring ownership as a means to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Our relationships with our carriers and underwriters are built on knowledge and trust. We are in an extremely competitive business and understand that we must do everything in our power to set ourselves apart by exceeding our customers expectations. I am very excited about the culmination of our efforts and hope that we will have an opportunity to earn your business.



Dan M. Litaker, III
Founder and Chief Executive Officer