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nberry_SUS, Author at Windermere Insurance LLC

Top Technical Advances in Construction Methods

Pre-pandemic construction industry trends focused primarily on improving worker safety and construction site efficiency. Innovative construction companies began exploring the benefits of augmented reality, wearable smart devices, and drones on their construction sites and projects. Following COVID-19, the industry had to find new ways to keep workers safe and healthy while adhering to safety regulations […]


6 Common Cyber Hacks & How You Can Avoid Them

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving to keep pace with new threats and cyberattacks. One example of a cyberattack is a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attempts to disrupt the normal operation of a targeted server, by literally overwhelming the target with a flood of bogus Internet traffic. Experts have forecasted that the cost of cyberattacks will […]


Experience Mod Factors

Impact on Your Business and Rates Many business owners are unclear about the impact of experience mod factors on their insurance premiums. Think of experience mod factors as a type of safety score that can significantly influence your insurance rates and costs. Let’s review how the score is determined, and what you can do to […]


Top 10 Tips to Train Remote Employees

The pandemic abruptly forced many businesses to transition to a remote workforce. With little notice, many organizations struggled to support their remote employees while maintaining business expectations and meeting deadlines. Today, whether a company has hybrid workforce or a fully remote workforce, employers need to have a plan to help their remote employees adapt to […]


Top 6 Solutions to Manage Hurricane Headaches

It’s an important business best practice to identify outdated systems, technology, and protocols. Part of that process should include evaluating the company’s hurricane preparedness. Waiting until the start of hurricane season or until a natural disaster strikes, can cripple a company and endanger its employees. Thankfully, hurricane season is still two months away, giving businesses […]


How to Protect Your Valuable Jewelry from Theft

In 2020, nearly $838 million worth of jewelry and precious metals were stolen. The odds of recovering the jewelry are low, as only $25 million of those stolen jewels were recovered—a meager 3%.  However, storing a jewelry collection in a bank safe deposit box defeats the purpose of owning your stunning pieces. Part of the […]


Cyber Risk, Security Headers and Your Business

What are security headers, and why does your business need them? A website security header is a set of commands which are exchanged between a web browser and a webserver. These commands dictate security-related details of the HTTP communication and are an important component of the HTTP protocol. These commands communicate what is allowed, or […]


2022 Q1 Newsletter

As we look back on another year marred by the COVID pandemic and look forward to “reporting season” for the publicly traded insurance markets, we want to take time to reflect on the past and future impacts on our clients and prospects.


6 Tips to Protect Against Costly Car Rental Claims

The pandemic put a pause on most people’s travel plans, either by personal choice or due to COVID restrictions. Now that states are cautiously reopening and easing gathering limitations, people are traveling more frequently. However, while travelers may be itching to jump in a rental car and go, they can and should follow these tips […]

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