storm windowHurricanes can cause significant damage to homes, and the necessary repairs and remodeling can be time-consuming and costly without adequate insurance coverage. While most people worry about their homes flooding during a hurricane, strong winds are often to blame for the bulk of the storm damage. Homeowners can take several steps to hurricane-proof their houses as they remodel, rebuild after a hurricane, or prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

  • Hurricane-proofing windows. Windows are the weakest point for most houses. Hurricane winds can turn almost anything into a window-shattering flying projectile. Custom-fitted storm panels or hurricane shutters can protect against wind damage. Investing in impact-resistant windows and installing more resilient window frames also mitigate wind damage.
  • Hurricane-proofing the roof. Roofs are the next biggest culprit behind hurricane damage, following windows. Old roofs or roofs built with inferior materials will lose shingles and allow water to enter the home. Hurricane tie-downs, sheathing, and wind-tested shingles can reinforce roof strength. Another option is to replace the shingles with a metal roof, which offers exceptional protection against hurricane winds.
  • Strengthening the garage doors. Old garage doors aren’t typically sturdy enough to resist hurricane-force winds. If a hurricane rips out a garage door, it can set off a destructive chain of events. The garage walls can collapse, taking the roof with them and compromising the house structure. Homeowners can alleviate this risk by replacing old garage doors with wind- and impact-resistant models.
  • Upgrading exterior doors and hardware. Homeowners have several options to hurricane-proof exterior doors. Replacing wood doors with ones built with composite materials offers better strength and impact resistance and eliminates the risk of wood rot. Homeowners can also improve the doors’ seal by opting for doors with enhanced sweep designs. Upgrading the hardware with hurricane-rated nails and fasteners can also reduce the likelihood of winds blowing in exterior doors.

Improving a home’s hurricane resiliency can reduce or prevent damage during a storm. Reinforcing windows, roofs, garages, and exterior doors are all excellent strategies to keep damaging flood waters from invading the home. Contact Windermere Insurance Group to learn more about protecting your home during hurricane season.