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Critical Coverage Gaps Which Can Impact Your Business

Business owners know they need business insurance; however, many may not understand the complexity of their coverage options and only purchase general liability insurance. While general liability can protect a business from most claims relating to products or services that caused injuries or property damage, it leaves several significant gaps. Insufficient insurance exposes companies to […]

Reducing Injuries and Claims with Construction Site Security

Construction site security is critical to avoiding theft, vandalism, and injuries. These types of claims cost the industry billions, which reduces profits and drives up insurance premiums. A comprehensive approach to construction site security offers the best protection. Construction companies can combine the following methods to improve site security and avoid costly claims: Locks and […]

What is Ransomware and What Could it Do to Your Business?

As the name implies, ransomware is a type of malware the blocks a company from accessing its data until they pay the hacker. The cost of the ransom can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Hackers commonly deploy two types of ransomware. The first is locker […]

Key Insurance Coverages for Your Waterfront Home

Purchasing a waterfront property is an exciting venture, but high net worth (HNW) clients need the proper insurance to protect this asset. Waterfront properties require different insurance than houses further inland do, and a homeowner’s policy may not be sufficient. Depending on the location, HNW clients may need the following kinds of insurance: Homeowner’s insurance. […]

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cyber Breaches

Companies of all sizes are potential targets of cybercriminals. Though news headlines are dominated by large corporate breaches that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, no business is immune to cyber threats. Companies can’t afford to take a reactive approach to cyber-attacks. The following recommendations can help your organization reduce the risk of cyber […]

6 Key Insurance Coverages Every Business Owner Needs

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, every business needs insurance. While most business owners know they need general liability insurance, several other kinds of insurance help fill the considerable risk gaps. Companies need to know about the following insurance options to invest in the proper protection for their products or services: General liability. General […]

Hurricane Preparedness

With each passing year, hurricane forecasting methods are improving. Yet millions of us remain at great risk. It’s critical that you obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to weather the storm. This includes: Pre-season preparation In North America, the hurricane season starts around May 15, but peak season begins at the end of July. Don’t […]

6 Tips to Protect Against Costly Car Rental Claims

The pandemic put a pause on most people’s travel plans, either by personal choice or due to COVID restrictions. Now that states are cautiously reopening and easing gathering limitations, people are traveling more frequently. However, while travelers may be itching to jump in a rental car and go, they can and should follow these tips […]