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Don’t Rely Solely on Additional Insured Status for General Liability Coverage

Owning commercial or residential real estate comes with numerous responsibilities, and property owners often use project managers as intermediaries to handle the day-to-day duties. Accidents and losses are common occurrences in property management, and investors need insurance to protect their assets. What is Additional Insured Status? Additional insured (AI) status offers coverage to individuals or […]


Best Shutters to Weather Severe Storms

Homeowners that live in regions experiencing frequent tropical storms and hurricanes have unique risks compared to those that live elsewhere. Homes may flood due to rising water or falling debris penetrating the home’s exterior. High-speed winds can hurl objects at the home, damaging the roof and siding or breaking windows. Installing storm shutters can mitigate […]


Top Technical Advances in Construction Methods

Pre-pandemic construction industry trends focused primarily on improving worker safety and construction site efficiency. Innovative construction companies began exploring the benefits of augmented reality, wearable smart devices, and drones on their construction sites and projects. Following COVID-19, the industry had to find new ways to keep workers safe and healthy while adhering to safety regulations […]


Experience Mod Factors

Impact on Your Business and Rates Many business owners are unclear about the impact of experience mod factors on their insurance premiums. Think of experience mod factors as a type of safety score that can significantly influence your insurance rates and costs. Let’s review how the score is determined, and what you can do to […]


Critical Coverage Gaps Which Can Impact Your Business

Business owners know they need business insurance; however, many may not understand the complexity of their coverage options and only purchase general liability insurance. While general liability can protect a business from most claims relating to products or services that caused injuries or property damage, it leaves several significant gaps. Insufficient insurance exposes companies to […]

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