Claims Management

To submit a claim to us directly, please click here.

Our dedicated Claims Management Specialists serve as your advocate in managing the claim process. Our clients count on us for professional advice and to work as an intermediary with the carriers and adjusters.

We know that timely & efficient, personalized service and the satisfactory resolution of your claim are critical to customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships.

Submitting a claim

In the event of a hurricane, we hope that you and your family stay safe during and after the storm. We will operate from our Charlotte office working with “all hands on deck” to assist our clients. Please see below for helpful information:

  • Videos before the storm
    • If possible, walk through your home and video your rooms.
    • These videos may assist with the replacement of damaged items after damage occurs.
  • Drains & Gutters
    • Take a moment to check your drains, gutters, and downspouts.
    • Are they clear of debris?
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures
    • You cannot take too many.
    • Please do your best to document any damage with pictures as it will help facilitate the claims settlement process.
  • Please also take any necessary steps to secure your property from further damage
    • Cleaning up debris and tarping your home is a perfect first step.
    • Insurance companies will never be upset that you take measures to avoid further damage to your home and belongings.
    • It is important to wait for your adjuster before beginning any repair work.

Call our internal claims managers:

Brian S. Ramsey

704-247-3015 (Direct Dial)

704-247-3050 (Fax)

Lily A. Nguyen

704-247-3022 (Direct Dial)

704-247-3050 (Fax)

Carrier contact information

If you call the carrier directly, please speak to your advisor or our claims team when time permits