Construction site security is critical to avoiding theft, vandalism, and injuries. These types of claims cost the industry billions, which reduces profits and drives up insurance premiums. A comprehensive approach to construction site security offers the best protection. Construction companies can combine the following methods to improve site security and avoid costly claims:

  1. Locks and fences. These are the most basic security measures every construction site should have. While they won’t stop determined intruders, they are effective deterrents for everyday passersby. Simple security measures prevent the theft of valuable equipment and accidental injuries to curious trespassers.
  2. Proper signage. Many construction site managers focus on posting safety signs to prevent workplace injuries. However, posting signs that warn of the costs and penalties of trespassing can make would-be petty thieves and vandals reconsider.
  3. Worksite-wide lighting. Leaving parts of the construction site in shadow makes it that much easier for intruders to vandalize the site or steal equipment. Motion sensor lights can also startle thieves and cause them to quickly leave the area.
  4. Security alarms. Alarms can be audible or covert. Depending on the type of site, motion-sensing alarms can set off sirens and flashing lights, or they can trigger a silent call to alert the proper authorities.
  5. Video cameras. Visible video cameras posted throughout the site are often enough to deter intruders. Construction companies can benefit from advanced equipment with high resolution, night vision, and other features as well, as they improve apprehension rates if a theft does occur.

An unsecured job site costs construction companies much more than the expense to replace stolen equipment or repair vandalized structures. These types of claims increase costs across the industry and raise insurance premiums. To learn more about protecting your construction site from theft and vandalism, contact a professional advisor at Windermere Insurance Group.