Construction frequently tops the list of the most dangerous job industries, but it’s also experiencing explosive technological growth and innovation. Construction site supervisors gained invaluable safety insights with the availability of real-time data provided by drones and smart sensors. These technologies have become ubiquitous on building sites, and construction companies continue to harness the new information to enhance their decision-making processes.

While improving safety is a constant within the industry, smart technology can do much more. Here are the latest smart technology trends transforming construction:

  1. Automation. The construction industry is likely to see more automation in the coming year. Automated inspection robots can track and monitor a project’s progress to identify and resolve potential issues rapidly and perform more effective inspections for greater efficiency and safety.
  2. IoT-Enabled Devices. The Internet of Things comprises devices equipped with sensors and software that can connect with each other, other devices, and network systems via the internet to exchange data. In construction, companies can use IoT sensors to identify wear and tear on equipment to improve preventative maintenance efficiency. IoT devices can also track equipment and other assets across multiple job sites to prevent thefts, supply shortages, and costly delays. Sensors also provide real-time information about site conditions, potential hazards, and safety compliance.
  3. Virtual and Augmented reality (VR/AR). Virtual and augmented reality aren’t new trends in construction, but experts believe widespread adoption is on the horizon. The technology offers numerous uses for the industry, including safety training for employees, design review with stakeholders, and immersive site visualization.
  4. 3-D Printing. Many people associate 3-D printing technology with miniature models of a construction site. While the devices can do that, it’s capable of much more. Construction companies can 3-D print lightweight construction supplies from a digital file, eliminating wait times for manufacturers to deliver supplies. 3-D printers can also enhance efficiency as construction companies can create materials on demand.

Smart technology continues to drive the dramatic and rapid ongoing transformation in construction. Companies that adopt and harness the power of these innovations can improve efficiency, project accuracy, profits, and safety. Contact Windermere Insurance Group to learn more ways to improve safety and reduce risks for your construction company.